HousingIS offers clients:

  1. A comprehensive range of advisory services in information systems, delivered with a customer-focused approach and commitment to quality assurance.
  2. A wealth of knowledge of housing operations and the associated implications on systems configuration.
  3. Huge experience in systems implementation projects.
  4. An in-depth knowledge of ALL software vendors currently operating in the housing sector in Australia and New Zealand as well as strong knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses relating to their products. Click here to see how HousingIS managed the procurement process for a large community housing provider.
  5. Extensive expertise in developing system implementation project plans for our clients as a result of working in large multi-national software companies since 1993 and in providing consultancy services to our customers.
  6. A suite of intuitive digital self-service web-based software applications designed to add value to core operational systems.

Our services cover the following sphere of operations:

  1. Information systems strategy reviews
  2. Operational needs analysis
  3. Service led technology initiatives
  4. Systems procurement
  5. Project management
  6. Interface development
  7. Database administration
  8. Business process and housing service reviews
  9. Housing management and asset services consultancy
  10. Business process change and systems reconfiguration
  11. Business improvement 
  12. Management reporting
  13. Developing reporting and bench-marking frameworks together with software applications for use by housing organisations
  14. Digital strategy formulation
  15. Development of innovative digital self-service web-based software applications
  16. Policy and procedure reviews and formulation
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